Healing By Sharing

“Healing by Sharing” becomes the motif of the documentary road movie through Kenya and tells of various personalities who work tirelessly in their environment in the middle of Africa to improve the living situation for their fellow human beings. It portrays the HIV orphan village “Good Hope”, the KEMRI HIV research clinic, the sex worker Jimmy and his collegs. The film team also accompanies the Mpala Mobil Clinic, which provides medical care to the many different tribes in the Lakipia West district and provides information about family planning and HIV prevention. In Nairobi, the Sarakusi Trust makes a great job with it´s acrobat school for children and teenagers from the slums, the “Hope Raisers”, who counteract violence in the slums with music, the “Fruitful Women”, who care for the many orphans in Kibera as well as the “Ghetto Wasanii”, which keeps the neighborhood away from weapons with a peace festival and makes Kibera a peaceful and multicultural place for self-help.

A visit to Human Rights Watch in Nairobi and the charismatic pastor Michael Kimindu, the godfather and co founder of the “Other Sheeps Africa” initiative, focuses on the devastating situation of the LGBTI scene in Kenya. A car accident by the film team and the lynching of an LGBTI activist seem to put a tragic end to the road movie.

Director’s Statement – Healing By Sharing – a political issue.

Healing By Sharing had no festival evaluation (except at the Outview Film Festival Athens) For various reasons the film could not be released in 2013. Among other things, a Kenyan leading actor fell ill from psychosis for fear of his life as a gay man in homophonic Kenya. Out of respect for him I withdrew the film. And I also got a lot of trouble in Germany because I am officially a pensioner because of my life-threatening illnesses and therefore I am no longer allowed to work officially, or I am considered to be unable to work. However, I was able to prove quite easily that you usually don’t deserve to be paid with independent documentaries. The prosecutor’s office then investigated me with the result that the judge decided in my favor. However, the pre-judicial process went on for several years and thus blocked the release of the film. This story about the creation of the film is a political issue for me today and the film is getting its cinema premiere years later. Jimmy, the main character is healthy again! On this website I now consciously publish this text about this incredible story. Hopefully this digression contributes to a public discussion on the subject of “unconditional basic income, which is also addressed in my current film. Finally, a cinema premiere is also planned in Kenya / Nairobi.