The idea of experiencing a strengthened self-esteem and self-efficacy through Capoeira in the group is reflected in the name “Kilombo”. These were settlements of escaped slaves who built up a free community and trained their self-defense without weapons. The Kinderferien- camps, injected by the Akademia Jargada, a Capoeira school in the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, even be like small Kilombos, in which the Kilomboninos arm themselves against the adversities of regular life, and then dive back there with bursting curiosity. In the course of each project week, which takes place at the “Gutshof Kleinow” near Prenzlau, the artistic exploration of the subject Kilombo comes to the foreground for the development of a small performance. At the end of each summer holiday, the kids demonstrated the adults from the surrounding villages live on-site in a performance why a kilombo Camp is so important.

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