How Do I Love You ?

The 45-minute documentary tells of gay partnerships. Different life models are portrayed such as an open partnership, a monogamous couple, a love triangle and the now legalized marriage of two gay men. While Dirk and Antony had agreed to live a so-called “open relationship” long before their relationship, Uli and Markus have always remained monogamous for their long time together, Jawu, on the other hand, never wanted to commit himself, which does not mean that he does not enter into relationships . At the moment he even lives with three handsome men. Scott made a marriage proposal to Fabian, out of love, but also so that Fabian can stay in Germany.

Written, directed, photographed and edited by Michael Stock, Editioral office: Jochen Hick



Scott & Fabian

Uli & Markus

Jawu & Enrico & Timm

Dirk & Antony

The documentary was commissioned by TIMM TV, Deutsche Fernsehwerke.