Deadline – is the working title of the film portrait about the life of the Berlin artist Verena Herb. Her life is marked by the confrontation with illness and also death. According to the motto “when then, if not now” they accompany their life partner, Pit van da Loo (translator), Michael Stock (filmmaker) and his friend Carsten Cierocki (nurse and naturopath) Verena on a spontaneous trip to India by the sea.

“I eat with my eyes,” says Verena at sunset on the beach in Goa. She loves women like the sea as much as she loves the animals she likes to paint. Living in the now, not taking yourself too seriously and being able to learn from life with humor helps to forget the worries that her body is failing more and more.
Pit, her boyfriend, is constantly concerned that she doesn’t just eat with her eyes and think about drinking. Endures Verena patiently when she is angry, sad and defiant again. Verena is just a lot: strong-willed and very agile despite the illness, constantly on the go and looking for adventure, sometimes restless but also humble, selfless and not very selfish.

She has a strong sense of justice and expresses feelings freely, Pit tells in his declaration of love to her on the beach. And although Verena doesn’t like to talk about it, is she worried too, what will become of Pit when she’s gone? A laugh always follows her tears. And there is also a lot of knowledge in worry, anger and grief: Decisions on how to stop chemotherapy and find out for yourself what is good for you and what is not is part of the self-determined action that is not always easy with such a diagnosis. How can I survive on a low pension? Do I want friends to take care of me? Can I prevent the next inpatient stay in hospital against medical advice? How to continue creating art with pain in everyday life? What are my concerns and which of others? What else do I want to achieve and where are my limits? What hopes do I have and what wishes? In relation to doctors, healers and friends, Ms. Herb makes it very clear: I’m not sick, I’m alive now! Verena has many wishes and what she still wants to experience: learn to ride, fall in love with Rilke, go to the sea again and maybe live from her art.


Director’s Notes
It is an approx. 90 min non-profit documentary, on which we have been working with great imagination for two and a half years and a large part has already been shot. As the working title suggests, the film is about an uncompromising survivor, love, healing and humor, open air raves, unconditional basic income and the need to not always take yourself so seriously. Similar to my film “Postcard To Daddy” I have made a virtue of necessity and have so far only produced the film from my own resources. Thanks to this independence and with a small team, it will once again be possible to make an intimate, important and loving film. That’s why great friends are already helping, who, in addition to their jobs, contribute their part to this no-budget long-term documentation. The film should be ready by autumn this year. Good things take time …


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