“Michael Stock demonstrates an incredible control of the material. He has no need of the ‘victim bonus’ one might be inclined to concede to him. POSTCARD TO DADDY is masterfully edited and structured. The film asks many questions and leaves the answering to its audience.”

- Frank Noack “Siegessäule"


“Stock expected to hear ‘return to sender’ but things came about differently, and you see the father in the very last scene. There is no premeditation behind this ending, and yet the film could not have been structured any better.”

- Kerstin Decker “Tagesspiegel”


“This is a film that transformed from a life project to a project for survival. Viewers notice that the incredibly dense, packed 86 minutes are invested with twenty years of development. The changeovers from interviews to scenes from Stock’s everyday life just come off so perfectly balanced."

- Tilman Krause “Die Welt”

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