Bones On Holidays

After three years it is done! “Bones On Holidays” is waiting for its world premiere!

“Bones On Holidays” – Synopsis


The Berlin artist Verena Herb, who has been suffering from cancer for several years, wants to see the sea for the last time in her life and escapes the grey Berlin to India together with her partner Pit van de Loo and two friends. Michael Stock is one of these two friends. Since the filmmaker’s life has been shaken more than once by life-threatening illnesses and the loss of loved ones, he himself is not a stranger to the subject of death. With Verena’s mortality in mind, he wants to capture the supposedly final chapter in the life of this strong, courageous and unique woman, and so the camera becomes her constant companion. In the film, which was made over three years, one can immerse oneself in Mrs. Herb’s life, get to know her almost unshakable resting place and partner Pit and also Michael and watch the three of them travel, mourn, suffer, dance, laugh, protest, fool around and grow. In his unembellished manner, Michael Stock provides a deep insight into his own grief, pain and traumatic experiences, while at the same time drawing a moving portrait of an uncompromising woman with a tart sense of humor, an inimitable will to live and a talent for taking care of herself and others.


Director’s Notes

It is a 90 min non-profit documentary film on which we have been working for three years. Good things take time. As the working title suggests, the film is about illness, dying and death, but also about survival, love, healing and humor, open air raves, unconditional basic income and the need to not always take yourself so seriously. Similar to my film “Postcard To Daddy”, I made a virtue out of necessity and am producing the film in collaboration with ZK Concerts exclusively from my own resources. Through this independence and with a small team, it has once again been possible to make an intimate, important and loving film. The success was helped by great friends who, in addition to their jobs, contributed their share to this no-budget long-term documentary.


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